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Nutritional & Weight Loss Counseling


I know you might feel a bit hopeless...even confused about what to eat.

We are confused because we are learning about conflicting scientific reports, about the bad foods, toxins, and chemicals which can be found in the standard American diet today. Modern farming methods, long-haul transportation, and crop-breeding practices are believed to be contributing to the drop in the vital minerals and minerals we need to feel and function as a whole. These changes are resulting in major nutritional deficiencies in the general population. It's the nutrients that give the food value.

The good news is that the truth about nutrition, the basic guiding principles of how and what to eat to promote health, weight loss and longevity - AND to prevent, treat, and reverse most chronic disease is pretty simple.

As we journey together in this program we will take small steps so that you are lead you to sustainability and freedom.

During these programs we will:

  • Explore the foods that suit you uniquely

  • Make simple lifestyle changes

  • Heal your leaky gut

  • Speed up your metabolism

  • Heal food addiction disorders

  • Increase your energy and metabolism

  • Improve your body, shape, and size

  • Improve your personal relationships and communication skills

  • Better manage your stress levels

  • Increase your self-confidence

Together, let's create a consistent action plan to accomplish your goals.

This program will provide you with twelve one-hour sessions

Group Cost $499

One-on-One Counseling $899

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