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April Newsletter - Journey Into Worry-Free Living


Can stress cause belly fat? Can stress cause aches and pains? Are you stuck in an "old story book" that may be causing some internalized trauma? Remember: Stress can over-power EVERYTHING! Stress has been linked to 85% of all illnesses, according to Dr. Mark Hyman. Stress has been linked to everything from the common cold to depression to heart disease, and it even causes the body to lose its ability to regulate inflammation from the inside-out!   Ongoing chronic stress and a barrage of cortisol (and other stress hormones) constantly circulating within the body can take a serious and unhealthy toll. Continued stress can affect the brain as well as our cellular function. The more stress, the more you may be at risk for joint inflammation, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, increased belly fat, and much more!  This state imposes negativity on our health goals from eating habits, weights loss, hormones, to our sleep patterns. Mindful practices, slowing down, and finding soulful purpose is the key to feeling our best and living longer, healthier lives. 

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