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Join Our Gracefully Renewed Day Retreat!


Gather with us this fall as we "breakaway and breathe" in full restoration! Enjoy our detox seasonal harvest meals, meditation practices, massage, holistic speakers, mindfulness yoga practices, enjoy live soothing guitar music, along with plenty of time for integration!

Putting Your Wellbeing First

A healthy, restorative retreat is so much more than a typical vacation. This space will offer many resolutions depending on one's current circumstances or goals. Our upcoming wellness retreats will offer restoration of the mind and body

while offering an inner soul cleanse. Also, this spa-day getaway will be a place to relax, reflect, grow, transform, and renew. If you are a past retreater, then you know that time and money spent on a retreat is an investment in our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The 5 elements we will focus on during our Gracefully Renewed Day Retreat are: 1. Intention. Healthy, restorative growth and intention with a sense of purpose to experience deeper self-health benefits, physical healing, and mental healing as we connect and gather with like-minded friends.

2. Integration. We can expect a space for self-reflection, rest, and relaxation which you'll find in our classes and relaxation technique practices throughout the day. 3. Holistic Approach. Our Restorative Day Retreat cares not just for the body, but for the mind, heart, and soul, too. We will combine physical nourishment in the form of organic, local seasonal farm foods served throughout our day, and mindful movement practices with transformative inner work through prayer, fellowship connection, and introspection. 4. Depth. You can expect to enjoy mindfulness practices like yoga, massage, and meditation. Also, learn health and wellness tips from our guest speakers on how to practice preventive techniques and live a sustainable lifestyle. You may choose this retreat to help you release emotions of anger, resentment, or grievance. 5. Takeaways. All of our joining friends can expect to receive free gifts from our teams such as recipe cards, educational tools and resources, gift cards, and more!

Returning home after your Gracefully Restored Retreat... Expect to feel restored and well-rested. You may feel more mindful with less brain fog, more patient, less angry, less anxious, more connected, or grounded, along with inner peace. We can't wait to serve and support you on your special day! HouseOfPlentyCafe.Com BodyInBalanceWellnessLLC.Com

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