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8 Week Gut Health Program


If you suffer from a bloated smelly-belly and would like to have more energy, improve your mood and skin, feel less brain fog and more! Then maybe my program is a good fit for you.

What is Gut Health?

Good health begins in our gut; "our inner eco-system. Bad gut bacteria flourishes not only because of the bad foods we eat, but also because of unhealthy lifestyles, prescription drugs, antibiotics, bad habits, locked emotions, grieving, stress, and even our bad thoughts! This can also make our metabolism sluggish and wreak havoc on our adrenals, digestive, and more making it more difficult to lose weight or balance out our hormones.

The Gut C.A.R.E. Program, will arm you with the tools you need to reset your gut, remove the pesky unhealthy bacteria, shred unwanted body fat and weight, ditch water bloat, reduce inflammation, have fewer cravings, less brain fog, reduced stress, improved cognitive and immune function and more!

During this program we will:

Cleanse - Support removal of gut irritants, food sensitivities, manage stress, deal with gut emotions, practice mindfulness.

Activate - Reactivate healthy digestion with foods that provide essential nutrients and enzymes

Restore - Reintroduce beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut flora

Enhance - Support your belly from the inside-out

Sessions for this program can be held virtually, conference calls, or in person.

This program will provide you with eight one-hour sessions.

One-on-One Program Cost $599

Group Cost $399

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