Success Stories


January 2019 Live Success Story ~ Kim Roman

October 16 ~ 2019

"Prior to contacting Gina, I had been told by several doctors that I had a compromised immune system. I also had really bad allergies. I was taking prescription drugs. Gina taught me healthier eating habits and how food affects the body. I now read food labels, eat gluten and dairy free, and have overall improved health. Gina's program helped me to get off various medications. Gina was not only a supportive and caring coach, but also a good friend."  Peggy A. 

July ~ 2019

"Thank you Gina for taking me on this amazing journey of health and weight release with you 6-month gut-health program" . I had literally tried every diet and exercise regimen several times over for many, many years with zero results. I would inevitably end up depressed and gaining more weight. As a nurse,I knew I actually had very little nutrition education. And I certainly did not know the psychology and spiritual nature of overeating. Thank God my friend Shannon introduced us and I hesitantly at first began this journey of learning about my relationship with food. You have taught me sooo much about truly organic , whole foods and how to make delicious whole foods that my husband and I love. I am rarely hungry and the weight is going. I have more energy than I have had had in years and am working out. The belly pain and bloating are completely gone and I have regained something I lost. HOPE! I actually come to a point of thinking I would never overcome this. You were literally sent to me from God! I know it. You have made the impossible, possible for both my husband and I. Your positive, kind and optimistic nature are wonderful! You deal with the whole person (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically). You have taught me things about nutrition that I never knew as a nurse! I thank you and I highly recommend you to every person struggling with weight, health and energy levels." You have changed my life and joy has entered my life again". Thank you!

May 2019 ~ Beth M.    


I have been with coach Gina over a year, I loved her gut-health program!  "I truly enjoyed her detox healthy eating guides, I continually felt satisfied." I was finally able to heal food addictions, release 134 healthy pounds of weight, stop three different medications, build my confidence, and enjoy getting physical again. While transitioning through my nutritional plan, we also focused on lifestyle, habits, and my stress levels, all of which reflected hormonal balance. "Gina is the best," compassionate and is a wonderful health coach, she has guided me to a place i thought i'd never reach in my life."

March 2019 ~ Shannon H. 


“Gina I came to you originally seeking nutritional education, and I have certainly gained a healthy lifestyle that includes not only healthy eating made easy, but also I have seen the importance of positive thoughts, beliefs, emotions, & exercise in my life. You have helped me to make changes in my life that seemed impossible only a short while ago, by helping me set goals, formulate a plan, step out and allow myself permission!" 

January 2019 ~ Shirley Sorantino


Gina's gut-health program has been life changing, "my stomach discomfort is gone and I feel healthier!" During my 4-month program "I learned better eating habits, how to promote a healthy-gut, and how to keep these changes long-lasting and sustainable." The most significant overall change I have noticed is having no more bloating/discomfort. My experience with Gina has been life changing. I'm eating better than ever, inflammation is down and I am pain free! "Gina is totally dedicated to helping others and improve lives, I would highly recommend coach Gina to anyone!" 

January 2019 ~ Tammy Billing- S.C

Tammy Signed up for my 1 year "Gut Health/Weight Loss Program" her story is phenomenal! She is 7 months in and has 3 more months of her program left. She lost a total of 93 pounds and was able to get off five of her medications. 


May 2018 ~ Shannon H. Delaware

Gina's "Get Healthy" program change my life. I signed up for this program mainly to learn better eating habits for me as well as my family and to also learn to live a healthier preventive lifestyle. She has taught me how to properly read the nutritional labels, how certain foods can be used as medicines and i've learned the true secrets to anti-aging my body from the inside-out.  Gina was an excellent coach who was supportive throughout! I have more energy, my sleeping is much better and my digestion has much improved! This program provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to lead a healthier, sustainable lifestyle!

April 2018 ~ Marion S. Pennslyvania

My two biggest struggles throughout my life was always sugar and alcohol intake. I came to Gina and started the 3 month women's group program, because I needed to lower my LDL, glucose and A1C levels and I didn't want to take medications.. While she guided me through managing my stress levels, we also made gradual changes on my food plate. I found out that my body had been lacking many essential foods, supplements and good sources of fats, which were contributing to many of my cravings. As we began to fill a lot of the voids, I started to feel more energy, less anxious, my sleep improved and my emotions become more stable. I had my lab work repeated 2 1/2 months after starting with Gina, and my glucose was down to normal, my A1C levels were in proper range and my LDL levels were also normal. Coach Gina was very caring throughout my program as well as respectful and sensitive to my many challenges. I also enjoyed the cooking class she gave our group and the grocery store tour was extremely educational. I truly learned how to cook more healthier meals and how to live a more sustainable life style. Thank you Body in Balance Wellness!

March 2018 ~ Jill Landes, Doylestown, Pa.


I signed up for the 6 month program to learn healthier eating habits and lose weight. I lost a total of 50 lbs! I've tried dieting in the past and nothing was sustainable. This program was sustainable for me, as I learned healthier eating habits, mindful eating techniques and food swaps at the grocery store tour. I learned how to recognize my trigger foods that were causing inflammation in my body. I came to understand why I had specific cravings and linked them to things my body was lacking. I've also seen sustained evidence of keep the pounds off - which was always my greatest worry! This program has also helped me with stress, cardio, exercise and other health concerns. Gina has been a very inspirational coach and provided constant contact throughout the program, which helped hold me accountable. Gina's program has lead me to a new way of life, not just with the struggles of food, but also my lifestyle. That's what makes it sustainable!

January 2018

I joined the 3 month women's weight loss group because I wanted to lose weight, lower my blood pressure and learn to manage my stress levels. During the group program, I learned that a clean eating regime worked best for me. I found the recipes to be very simple and satisfying and my sugar cravings began to dissipate. At the end of my program I had lost a total of 25 pounds and was able to stop my blood pressure medications! I have also learned how to deal with my stress using certain tools and techniques. I enjoyed the group coaching program because I wanted to have the buddy support system, while being held accountable from my health coach.

~Carol F. DE.

January 2018


I had a rocky journey as I have struggled with weight throughout my life. I have tried dieting on and off for years, but nothing ever lasted. Gina taught me to listen to my body when it was responding to the foods I was eating. I lost a total of 57 lbs and feel like a new person! I now make better food choices, I feel more alive with energy, inflammation has reduced and I have more clarity. Overtime my cravings began to dissipate as I learned I can still eat the foods I enjoy with little self-discipline. I now enjoy preparing and cooking simple meals for me, as well as my daughter. Many thanks coach Gina!!

~Angela F, Philadelphia

June 2017

I loved the 5 day challenge! Simple recipes, great way to introduce clean eating. I felt more energy, had more clarity and felt a sense of calmness. ~Karen, Florida

July 2017

The 5 day challenge was fun for me. It was my first personal challenge, enjoyed holding myself accountable. Food prep was quick and easy, recipes were fun to prepare! Gina had some great giveaway information that helped me stay motivated and focused. I felt energy that I have been missing out on for a long time. Thank you coach Gina! ~Debbie, Pa.

March 2017

I really enjoyed the "Slow Down & Breathe Women's Retreat at Centre Mills B&B. “Us Women need the opportunity for mini breaks like this.” So glad I took the opportunity to slow down over the couple of days & Breath. It was interesting to hear from others and realize that I am not alone when it comes to giving myself time. My main take from the weekend was to accept that it is not only good but important for me to do this and not feel guilty about it. Also to take more time to address healthy eating & a healthier lifestyle. We never stop learning. My mantra now will be Take Time, Take Time, Take Time……..& Breath. Thank You again for a great couple of days. Wonderful Food & Company.

-Pat L. of Delaware

October 7, 2016

This past April, I signed up with Gina for a 6-month coaching program. My top 3 goals were weight loss, making better food choices, and healing my colon; I had diverticulitis so severe that my Dr. told me I needed surgery. Gina immediately started me on a specific nutritional meal plan avoiding certain trigger foods that contributed in causing the inflammation and pain I was enduring. Moving on to a second and third phase of healing with foods, my pain and inflammation reduced drastically. At that point, we then planned a more structured meal plan, incorporating cardio and exercise. Within the first few months, I started to lose weight and I not only became more aware of the food on my plate, but I recognized how my specific diet truly nourished my soul. I learned that "nourishment" wasn't just the food on my plate, but also consists of career, relationship, and spirituality. I was able to achieve my goals and heal my colon without the use of any prescription drugs! Gina was extremely supportive, enthusiastic, faithful, loyal, hardworking, motivating, knowledgeable, patient, and caring! Thank you so much Gina, it has been a true blessing working with you. You have helped me more than you'll ever know. I am so grateful we were brought together, and I am so pleased with my body and size. I lost a total of 52 pounds thanks to you!!

-Debbie R. of Quakertown, Pa.

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September 2016

For many years, I have been addicted to sugar. My mother was a diabetic with heart disease, and I recently lost her. At that point, I realized I had to take charge of my health. I didn't want to follow those same footsteps and be a sick middle-aged woman, which is what I've already begun to do. I met Gina during her "Sugar Blues" lecture, and I knew she could help me. During our program, she helped me understand exactly what I was doing to my body and why I was feeling sick, lethargic, foggy, emotional, and also suffering from incontinence. It all stemmed from my diet! I also learned that my primary plate, things in my life that I had no control over and areas that I wasn't happy in, was off. Because of that, I was an emotional eater. Gina put together a meal plan for me, one that allowed me to still have sweets and the foods I enjoyed. After being on a structured plan and replacing the bad and ugly with the good and clean foods, I began to feel so much better, and my symptoms began to decrease. I started to feel whole, something I haven't felt in a long time! My mind and body had become more balanced, and I felt the difference. With Gina being my mentor and my being accountable to her, I was able to make slow changes in my lifestyle, goals, and struggles with work. I learned how to properly deal with the fears that haunted me daily. Today I feel amazing. I lost my weight and will never return to that lifestyle. Gina is not only a Health Coach; she is an inspiration. Thank you Gina, my coach!

-Jennifer, Pa.

July 2016

I was able to finally achieve my goal weight working with Gina. I struggled with food most of my life, and this program was extremely educational and professional. Quick, easy recipes and great tasting real food. I signed up for a 6-month program; that was the time I truly needed to make these lifestyle changes become part of my daily life. Gina was also available many times in between our sessions for additional support, which I truly appreciated. I feel better than ever. I'm back at the gym and have great confidence again. Thank you, In-Balance Health Coaches.

-Joe M.

June 2016

Most of my life, I thought I was making good food choices, but my diet was giving me IBS. Gina took the time to provide me with important information that I found to be very educational about our food supply today. I also learned about the elimination diet and found out what foods work best for my body. Throughout my 6-month program with Gina, she taught me not only about foods, but she also coached me through my stress and anxiety. The program also provided me with materials that I can always refer to for strength and guidance along my new journey.

Today, my 5-year battle with IBS is over. I have more energy, reduced stress, no anxiety, and am overall better than ever. I found Gina to be very professional, compassionate, and informative. Many thanks for changing my life!

-Gloria, Levittown, PA

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May 2016

"Gina helped me work toward my goals by holding me accountable; she helped me understand why I may be making some self-sabotaging decisions. Gina also helped empower me by shifting my focus on the positives, the successes of my every day. Additionally, Gina has encouraged me to refocus on my passions and keep them in the fore-front of my life..."I feel more energetic, positive, more confident and less anxious..."My weight-loss has been noticeable."

Gina is personable, positive and uplifting as a coach. She is understanding and will hold you accountable. Gina helped me to understand that just by changing a few things in my life, there can be such a powerful impact."

-Laura, Langhorne, PA

December 2015

I was so glad when I connected with Gina when I did. I had struggled with my diet since my divorce many years ago. I become a compulsive emotional eater and didn't know how to control the problem. Based on my health history and blood type, Gina started me on a nutritional meal plan consistingof whole foods. My program was 6 months long. She provided lots of easy recipes, educational handouts, free health lectures, detox and smoothie recipes, and also a great shopping tour! I lost 37 pounds and learned that my bad eating habits stemmed from being alone and unresolved feelings. Gina helped me find myself again and set new goals in my life. Many Thanks!!



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