When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your health?


For all you lovely women -- who feel like you would like to explore your wellness goals and uncover what is possible for you -- we invite you to join our 8-week group coaching program.

Why do you need a health coach? You will:

1. Identify life and health struggles and defining your personal goals
2. Become aware of why you are eating certain foods and slowly begin to make better food choices
3. Understand the tools to quiet your mind and body in order to become more connected to the present moment
4. Learn coping mechanisms for when a craving strikes! Find ways to distract yourself from the craving long enough to get past the urge to eat the junk food.
5. Learn the exercise routine that works best for you.

Stressed"Why do I feel angry and stressed?"

After the 8-week program, you will:

1. Start to feel more energized, radiant, and confident
2. Make healthier food choices at home and when dining out
3. Experience less bloating and/or constipation
4. Gain the tools to break free from any toxic relationship
5. Use the tools to relax your body and mind in any situation
6. Identify which movement/exercise routine is ideal for you and your busy schedule

making wise eating choices                                                                "I know what I should be eating, so why do I keep making the wrong choice?"

  • *Space is limited to 6*
  • Program fee is $80/session (75 minutes)
  • Pay for the 8 week program in full and get 15% off the program (cannot be combined with any other discount)

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